Fellows Society for Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted (FSEPG) – Vertex, is an International Nonprofit Association gathering individuals with scores above IQ 160 SD16 on professional, standardized tests of intelligence – a rarity of 1/11,000 or 3.75 standard deviations above the mean – as far as intelligence can be reliably measured. It is one of the very few associations whose members are selected by means of professional, standardized, supervised intelligence tests only, which makes the society entrance claim undoubted as per standards of the scientific community.

FSEPG Vertex also fills an enormous gap. Up until the foundation of Vertex, there have existed no societies with entry requirements between 3 and 4 standard deviations.
Societies, many of which ambiguous with regard to the validity of their admission tools, often clutter at the same cut-off points, providing no gradation, and introducing confusion.

As FSEPG Vertex is aimed at the opposite, it was deemed useless unless being strongly based on the use of professional tests only, and providing finer gradation to the properly qualified members of the HIQ community. It is on these two principles that Vertex Society has been founded on and to which it is pledged to adhere.

Founded in the summer of 2006.