Distinguished Fellows Selection

Biennial Selection of Distinguished Fellows

  1. Each Fellow can suggest one Fellow for promotion, excluding himself.
  2. Votes are then cast for one among the suggested Fellows.
  3. 50% + 1 vote of the total number of Fellows who cast their votes is needed for earning the title of Distinguished Fellow.
  4. In case no candidate earns the sufficient number of votes in the first round, two Fellows with the highest number of votes are voted for in the second round.
  5. If there are only two candidates in the first round, no second round is held.
  6. In case of a tie, both Fellows earn the title of Distinguished Fellow.
  7. If there is only one candidate, he or she needs to receive support of at least square root (rounded to the first higher whole number) of all Fellows.
  8. Nominations and each voting round last two weeks unless such results are obtained earlier that no remaining votes can change the final outcome.
  9. The entire selection procedure will take place during the last third of each even calendar year.