The following is a list of professional, standardized tests of intelligence recognized and administered by psychologists worldwide. Vertex (160), along with Mensa (132), Intertel (137) and Colloquy (140) is the only society that has never, and will never, allow the use of tests other than professionally standardized, supervised and administered by licensed psychologists. Several more societies adhere to this principle, although at some point in their pasts, they did accept additional tests, which practice they discontinued later.

For Admission

  • WAIS R – 156 / per Sattler regression formulas
  • WAIS III – 156 / 183 sum of scaled scores
  • WAIS IV – 156
  • WISC R – 156 / taken at the appropriate age
  • WISC III – 156 / taken at the appropriate age
  • WISC IV – 156 / taken at the appropriate age
  • SB4 – 160
  • SB5 – 156
  • SB L-M – 176 / taken at the appropriate age
  • CFIT3 A and/or B – 160 (taken prior to October 31st 2008)
  • EPC-L – 156 sd15
  • EPC-R – 156 sd15
  • CMT-A – 160 sd16
  • CMT-T – 160 sd16


For any of the listed tests which have been discontinued or compromised only score reports dated prior to their discontinuation or compromise will be considered for fellowship.

Other professional, standardized intelligence tests may be considered, provided they were reviewed by the BUROS Institute and their norms actually reach the qualifying level beyond any doubt. The number of standardized tests being able to measure at the qualifying level for Vertex is relatively modest, though.


  • Vertex Society reserves the right to change admission tests and scores as tests are discontinued or revised by their publishers and regulatory bodies.
  • Applications based on internet puzzles will be ignored.
  • Only one admission application per individual is allowed. Applications from persons previously refused on the basis of submitting outdated score reports, invalid score reports or falsified score reports, will not be appraised second time.